Edmonton Christian Slo Pitch League

Season: 2017

Mon Aug 21 - 07:00 PM - CDBC vs. Calvary Baptist Church "Noah Regretz" - J.A. Fife #2

Mon Aug 21 - 07:00 PM - SPA "Wolfpack" vs. North Pointe "We The North" - Donnan Park Sports #2

Mon Aug 21 - 07:00 PM - Zion Baptist vs. Gospel Center - St. Maria Goretti #5

Mon Aug 21 - 07:00 PM - Whitemud Creek Alliance vs. River City "The Summit" - The Meadows #3

Mon Aug 21 - 07:00 PM - First Christian Reformed vs. Northgate Baptist - Hudson #1

Mon Aug 21 - 07:00 PM - Got The Runs vs. Champion City Church - Lee Ridge #1

Mon Aug 21 - 07:00 PM - Got Kim Chi vs. The Park "Parks & Wreck" - The Meadows #2

Mon Aug 21 - 07:00 PM - The Park Church "Riff Raff" vs. Evangel E-Vengers - Clover Bar School

Mon Aug 21 - 07:00 PM - St. Albert Alliance vs. CASE Bee Bats - K. Therrien #5

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2017 Impact Tournament

Posted Mon May 08, 2017 - 09:45 PM

Look under the "Forms & Files" link on the left for information.

2017 Season

Posted Mon Apr 03, 2017 - 08:26 PM

Season starts May 1, 2017.
Year end tournament will be August 26 & 27 in Ft. Saskatchewan.

Tournament address link

Posted Mon Aug 22, 2016 - 09:45 PM


2016 Tournament

Posted Mon Aug 22, 2016 - 09:34 PM

Here is some tourney info.

August 27 & 28 Sat and Sun. 9am Sat start.
Dow Centennial Fields in Fort Saskatchewan
Same place as last year. There are porta-potties on site but no running water.

We will be using the concession again. Christie Murray will be operating it for us. She has previously helped us at the Impact Tourney in Blackfalds. She serves good food and great prices.

We will start the first game Sat morning at 9am sharp. We are not sure yet what time we will be starting on Sunday yet(likely around noon). We will have the tourney draw and all info for game times early next week.
We will be running it the same as the last half of the season. 2 Divisions. All 16 teams have committed to coming this year. Stay tuned for the schedule.

The executive will all be bringing home plates from their teams but it might be wise for all teams to have their equipment available. Just in case we have any challenges with the supplied bases like we did last year. Better to be prepared than to not be.

There will be camping allowed onsite for those that are interested.

We will be doing our raffle for a Stollery family again this year. We have decided to support the same family as last year. Their daughter just had her 30th surgery!! We are supporting them because obviously they could use the help and they are trying to raise money to build a better home for their family with all of the challenges they are facing.
PLEASE remember to bring at least one prize from every team that we can raffle off to raise money. There is nothing specified for value or type of contribution, so just contribute as you feel led to. If you feel led to bring more prizes that would be fantastic!!

We plan to do the raffle, all the speaking and Most ChristLike player awards from each team on Saturday again, because of how successful the raffle was last year with every player from every team in attendance. Please email me with a name of a player on your team who will receive the Most Christlike award.

We will be having a Home Run derby on Saturday as well. We will run it the same as we have in previous years, where we donate the proceeds to the Stollery Family.

We will be having the tourney rain or shine, so please encourage your team to bring different types of clothing to dress for the weather. It is Alberta and it can change very quickly as we have all seen this summer.

I think that is all for now. Stay tuned for more info in the coming week.


Posted Tue Apr 30, 2013 - 10:03 PM

Field Closure Line: 780-496-4999, dial 1
On-Line Sports Field Status Info:

Please call 311 with any questions or concerns regarding the condition of
sports fields.


Lead Booking Coordinator - Sports Fields & Field Houses
City of Edmonton
14th Floor, CN Tower 10004-104 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5J 2R7
Phone: (780) 496-7361
Sports Fields: (780) 442-4548
Field House:(780) 442-4539
E-mail: sportsfieldbookings@edmonton.ca Fax: (780) 577-3527

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